Di developed a good relationship with S, she saw/observed problems that we weren't aware of, and understood the issues of early trauma.  (Mother of an  Adopted 15 year    old girl)

Creative Arts Therapy


For adolescents and adults who are:

  • Feeling depressed and disinterested in life and not wanting to get out of bed.

  • Feeling angry all the time, picking quarrels with family and friends or over reacting to minor incidents, and then finding them-selves unable to self-calm.

  • Self-harming or having suicidal thoughts.

  • Having panic attacks, flashbacks or nightmares.

  • Feeling anxious and fearful most of the time.

  • Finding it difficult to carry on a normal life and attend work/school/ college or go out with friends.

Clients will be offered the opportunity to express their concerns either verbally and/or by using creative materials such as:

  • Sandplay

  • Art

  • Clay

  • Drama

  • Music

  • Movement

  • Games

  • Storytelling

  • Meditation

  • Creative visualisation