Dyadic Play


Dyadicplay is a attachment focused, short-term, structured, playful parenting approach that uses Theraplay® principles and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy® (DDP). Theraplay® and DDP are both designed  to strengthen the relationship between a child and their caregiver.


The goal of Dyadicplay is to enhance attachment, self-esteem, trust and joyful engagement,  Using DDP alongside Theraplay® principles enables the therapist and parent to focus on strengthening the four main components of a parent-child relationship:


Using Dyadic Play principles parents can learn:

· How to set limits.

· How to support their children when they are angry and upset.

· How to engage their children in a more loving relationship.

· How to nurture their children In gentle, caring ways.

· How to encourage and challenge their children to build competence and self-esteem.

· How to enjoy their children and the sheer fun of joyful play.

· How to incorporate the Dyadicplay experience into their everyday lives